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Summer Sale: nyní VŠE se slevou až 50 %!
1 Expert. 3 Stories. 3 Fragrances.
Rooted to rise
The reowned perfumer Jacques Chabert is one of the world's leading fragrance experts. Inspired by Scandinavian nature he composed the scents for each of the three Marc O’Polo Rooted fragrances. With ingredients sourced by the highest quality raw materials from all over the world and from the garden of his family-run perfume house ‘Fragrances Essentielles’ in Grasse. Creating a perfume, he says, is like a musician composing not just a melody, but an entire symphony. Or like a chef cooking a unique dish by assembling ingredients into a recipe. For each scent, Chabert applied a Scandinavian ingredient that allows the Swedish roots of Marc O'Polo to be experienced with new senses.
Flourished to last
All fragrances are gender-neutral and are particularly suitable for layering. They are designed so that they can be combined with each other as required. Certain ingredients as well as the quality, concentration, and composition have an effect on the longevity of each fragrance. For the longest possible lasting sillage, Jacques Chabert advises to spray the Eaux de Parfums from the top down so that hair, skin, and clothing are completely enveloped. To wear a scent that lasts.