Transparency equals commitment. Commitment equals trust. Naturally sustainable. Here you’ll find our sustainable fabrics with a direct link to the corresponding products. Get inspired and learn even more about our commitment towards sustainability and the MARC O’POLO collection.
With cotton from certified organic farms, Modern Organic Products goes back to our roots and brings them into the future. Grown using crop rotations without genetically modified seeds, synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. For better soil quality. For workers' health.
Linen – more than just a trendy fabric. This natural fibre is sourced from one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world: the flax plant. Flax is a natural, renewable raw material and is cultivated in areas with a moderate climate. The fabric is known for its rich properties, such as its long-lasting sheen and elegant creases. The durability of the fabric ensures its longevity. The fibre is breathable, lightweight and has a cool texture, making it the perfect summer fabric.
Tencel ™ (Lyocell) is an industrially produced cellulosic regenerated fibre made from natural materials. The wood pulp is extracted from trees using sustainable forestry techniques. Due to its closed manufacturing cycle, Tencel ™ is more environmentally friendly.
Less-is-More Denim has less impact on the environment thanks to our Garment finish. Techniques such as laser or ozone treatment have a water and energy-saving effect on the processing of the jeans.
Fibres made from recycled material conserve natural resources and reduce the use of chemical substances. MARC O’POLO uses recycled cotton fibres made from pre-consumer materials and recycled polyester fibres, mainly from recycled PET bottles.


Thermore® is a warm and lightweight polyester padding made from recycled PET bottles. We use these three types: Thermore® Ecodown® from 100%, Thermore® Classic from 50% and Thermore® Thermosoft® from 50% recycled material.
MARC O’POLO uses an independent institute, the IDFL (International Down & Feather Laboratory & Institute), to check the origin of the down and feathers. This is to exclude any provider that employs force-feeding or removes down from living animals.
ECOVERO™ by LENZING™ is a sustainable viscose fabric that is made using a technique that adheres to high environmental standards. The wood pulp used to make it comes from certified and controlled wood sources. The difference: the wood comes from sustainably cultivated forests. The natural wood pulp is environmentally-friendly as it is free of chlorine and bleach. LENZING™ ECOVERO™ is characterised by its low emissions and minimal use of water.
MARC O’POLO does not use any real fur and only uses artificial faux fur made from synthetic fibres as a Fur Free Retailer.
Flexible, easy to care for, durable and sustainable, cork is an exceptional product sourced from the bark of the cork oak. Special feature: The tree is harvested only every nine years without any deforestation and is self-regenerative. The cork oak also removes about five times more CO2 than other trees, making them the perfect material for our sustainable summer sandals.
Our commitment to the environment also includes the well-being of animals. MARC O’POLO avoids the use of Angora wool.
Our sustainable products are highlighted with a sustainable flag for you. That way, you can instantly recognise sustainable styles and learn more about the special features of the corresponding fabrics.