Our aim is to offer nothing but sustainable products in the future. We have nearly reached this goal already: 92% of the autumn/winter 2022 collection is sustainable. We define sustainable products as those where the main components consist of at least 80% sustainable materials*. Why not 100%? There are many challenges associated with developing a product – especially in relation to materials. At present, there is no sustainable alternative to some materials which are crucial to the specific nature, comfort or durability of certain products. In other cases, the sustainable version is new and as yet largely untested. To achieve the best possible quality, we give ourselves this 20% leeway for some products.
*Marc O’Polo describes and labels a product as sustainable if at least 80% of its essential components (outer fabric, filling material and lining) in the apparel range, all of its essential components (outer fabric, filling material) in the home textiles range, at least one of its essential components (upper material, lining, sole) in the footwear range, and all of its essential components (main material and lining) in the accessories range (bags, small leather goods) consists of sustainable materials. An overview of these sustainable materials can be found HERE.