Which fit suits you? Here you can check out all jeans at a glance and find your new favourite pair. Or two, or three...
Skara. Skinny & modern. Slim leg. Standard length.
Kaj. Extra-slim fit, with a high waist and regular leg.
Skara High. With a high waistband. Figure-defining. Comfy & stretchy.
Mala. Contemporary. High Waist.
Alva. Classically slim. Regular-rise waist. Cropped leg length.
Alby. Narrow leg, medium waist. Feminine fit.
Lulea. Classic five-pocket design. Regular length and regular-rise waist.
Alby. Narrow leg, medium waist. Feminine fit.
Linde. In a high-waisted style. Casually cropped.
Törre. Straight cropped. Super cool. Retro-inspired.
Freja. Casual cut with a drop crotch. Relaxed look.
Tolva. Cropped length. Comfortable fit with a wide leg.
Tomma. Wide, straight leg. Regular length.
Tomma. High waist. Straight and wide cut.
Nella. Casual bootcut. Slim leg. Regular-rise waist.
Stine. Modern silhouette with a high waistband. Slightly cropped leg.