Premium. Sustainable. Made in Italy.
Some highlights from the 2022 Fall/Winter Collection by Marc O'Polo: Premium styles made of MWool®, high-end recycled wool developed by the renowned Italian textile company Manteco. So what makes it so special? The Manteco company has done pioneering work in measuring resource savings through the first life cycle assessment for recycled wool to be carried out and has developed an innovative process for manufacturing wool colours without the use of dyes through a complex process for sorting and mixing the raw material. This manual process finds the right formula for each colour and is called Recype®.
The traditional textile manufacturer Manteco started recycling wool in the early 1940s and since then has continued to refine the recycling process. In 2019 the company was the first in the fashion sector to introduce a complete and comprehensive life cycle assessment for recycled wool through an independent three-part analysis, thus becoming the pioneer of modern and sustainable practices in wool recycling. Today, Manteco has famous international customers from the premium and luxury segment.